Schedule of Availability of Service:Monday – Friday
8:00 – 5:00 P.M., with no noon break
Who May Avail of the Service:Subdivision developers, brokers, lot owners, heirs & buyers
What are the Requirements:Subdivision developers, brokers, lot owners, heirs & buyers

A.Basic requirements (All items to be submitted)

1.Application Form (Notarized)
2.Site Development Plan (Schematic Plan) showing the proposed layout (drawn to Scale) with Technical Descriptions
3.Vicinity Map (drawn to scale)
4.Certified true copy of the title(Authenticated not more than one (1) month prior to submission of application)
5.If the title is not registered in the name of the applicant (Deed of Sale, Deed of Adjudication, Special Power of Attorney, Subdivision agreement, Deed of extra Judicial Settlement/ Partitioning)
6.Certified True Copy of Tax Declaration (Current Year)
7.Current Tax Receipt/ Tax Clearance
8.Affidavit of Subdivision (Stating the purpose of subdivision)
9.Zoning Certification

B.Other Requirements (Submit only Marked Items)

( ) Proof of Access
( ) Affidavit of Right of Way ( if RROW is delineated in the plan)
( ) Waiver of RROW ( if applicable)
( ) Affidavit for the area reserve as road widening ( In case the area reserve still declares in the name of the owner)
( ) Clearance/Right to use or deed of sale of right of way for access road and other utilities when applicable, subject to just compensation
( ) Punong Barangay Certification ( if the subdivision about or traverse by Barangay Road
( ) Provincial Engineers certification (if the subdivision abutting the Provincial Road)
( ) DPWH certification (If the subdivision abutting the National Road/Highway)
( ) NIA clearance (if the subdivision uses NIA road as an access)
( ) TRANSCO/NAPOCOR clearance (if the subdivision traverse by a transmission Line
( ) Municipal Agriculturist certification (if the lot is agricultural)
( ) NIA certification (if the lot near NIA irrigation system)
( ) Affidavit that sub lots designated as SHP counterpart & shall be sold to a qualified Beneficiaries of R. A. 7279 at a price NOT TO EXCEED _ (If the saleable lots exceed than 4 sub lots)
( ) Sworn statement/affidavit (in case of piecemeal applications)
( ) That the remaining lots shall not be sold
( ) That in case of subsequent subdivision the same shall compel with the Implementing Rules & Regulations.
( ) Previously approved Subdivision Plan (In the event of partial subdivision)
( ) Mortgage Cancellation or Clearance from lending agency where the property is Mortgage (in cases that property was mortgage)
( ) Authority to sign (in case of corporation or the applicants name is not reflected in the title)
( ) Signature of owner(s) in conformity with the plan
( ) Xerox copy of the title of the buyer (if the area of the saleable lot is less than the minimum 72sq.m. for open market cost & Economic Housing & 64sq.m. for SHP
Duration:2 days

How to avail of the service

(Under Normal Circumstances)
1.Secures application form & inquires for the requirement neededProvides application form, advises client fill up & provide list of requirements5 minutesMa. Shiela V. BatocApplication Form & checklist
2.Fills up application formEvaluates and verify documents13 minutes-do-
3.Sets the date for the ocular inspection & advises client to come back after the Sangguniang Bayan approves the plan1 minute-do-
4.Conducts ocular inspection & prepares inspection report & documents for indorsement to the office of the Vice Mayor & to the SB Office1 day-do-Sites inspection report & subdivision Approval Decision Form
5.Assess payment & advises client to pay to the Municipal Treasurer’s office2 minutes-do-
6.Pays to the Municipal Treasurer’s OfficeJiona Predonio₱750.00
7.Gets approved plan & documents at the Sangguniang Bayan & present together with Official Receipts to the Zoning OfficerSegregates office & owners copy & advises client to sign in the log book12 minutesMa.Shiela V. Batoc
8.Signs log book & received approved documentReleases documents/ approved plan1 minute-do-


Duration of the approval on the application for Sangguniang Bayan approval of simple subdivisions (subdivision without development and non project subdivision) is after 3 sessions. Schedule of session is every Monday or as scheduled when the same falls on a Holiday.