Schedule of Availability of Service:Monday – Friday
8:00 – 5:00 P.M., with no noon break
Who May Avail of the Service:Contracting parties where one or both is/are residents of the Municipality
What are the Requirements:*Marriage Age:

18 years old (male of female)
18-20 years old need Parental Consent
21-24 years old need Advise from parents.

*Birth or Baptismal Certificate of both applicants
*CENOMAR of both applicants
*If widowed, Death Certificate of the deceased spouse.
*If previous marriage was annulled, copy of Court Decision and Absolute Decree Of Finality from the Court.
*Pre-marriage Counseling Certificate (regardless of age and nationality and profession)
*If applicant is a Foreigner
-Certificate of Legal Capacity to marry issued by their respective
diplomatic consular
Duration:After 10 days of posting period

How to avail of the service

(Under Normal Circumstances)
1.Submit required documents.Evaluate authenticity of documents2 minutesEdena M. Kilayko
2.Give the necessary informationInterview the parties specifically on the entries needed to be filled in the application.5 minutesAll staff of the MCRO
3.Sign the Sworn ApplicationAll staff of the MCROMunicipal Form 90
4.Affix signature on the space provided & enter the application in the registry book5 minutesAll staff of the MCRO
5.Pay prescribed fee at the MTORequest client to pay application & marriage license fee.10 day posting periodAll staff of the MCRO₱198.00
6.Come back on release date & present receipt of paymentsRelease owner’s solemnizing officer’s copy of marriage license1 minuteEdena M. Kilayko


In the absence of the Person In charge, any office staff may attend to client and in the absence Of the Municipal Civil Registrar, the Assistant Municipal Civil Registrar may take over.