Schedule of Availability of Service:Monday – Friday
8:00 – 5:00 P.M., with no noon break
Who May Avail of the Service:Structure/Building Owner
What are the Requirements:Four (4) copies duly accomplished completion forms of Building, Electrical, Sanitary & Mechanical (if necessary)
1 Logbook
Duration:1 day

How to avail of the service

(Under Normal Circumstances)
1.Ask for the requirement & Application FormExplain the Requirements & Application Forms2 minutesEngr. Evangeline Salarda, Felly Barranco,
Rogelio Ortigas,
Hervic John Cabial,
Jose Jonathan Prebillo
Form No. 2003-003-B
2.Submit the application forms & necessary requirements Scrutinize & Check the submitted application forms & requirements & compute the occupancy payment & advice to pay to the Office of the Municipal Treasurer.5 minutesRogelio Ortigas,
Felly Barranco,
Hervic John Cabial
Depend on the plan submitted & the computation is based on the PD1096
3.Submit the Official ReceiptCheck the submitted Official Receipt & make final endorsement to the Office of Bureau of Fire Protection3 minutesFelly Barranco,
Cecilia Aguero
4.Submit the Certificate of Fire Safety Inspection from the Office of the Bureau of Fire DepartmentCheck the submitted Certification & process the Certificate of Occupancy for approval of the Building Official & assign Occupancy Permit No.10 minutesEng. Evangeline Salarda,
Cecilia Aguero,
Felly Barranco
Form No. 2005-003-B
5.Get the approved owner’s copyRelease the approved owner’s copy3 minutes Cecilia Aguero