Schedule of Availability of Service:Monday – Friday
8:00 – 5:00 P.M., with no noon break
Who May Avail of the Service:60 years old and above applying for OSCA ID
What are the Requirements:1.1X1 ID Picture
2.Barangay Certification/ Birth Certificate/Any valid ID
Duration:5 – 10 minutes after request

How to avail of the service

(Under Normal Circumstances)
1.Request for OSCA IDProvide and advice client to fill up Senior Citizen application Form.
Inform clients of the necessary documents: 1X1 ID Picture, Birth Certificate, Barangay Certification
10 minutesNilda ApatanSC Application Form
2.Submit documentsPrepare ID, medicine and grocery booklets
Issuance of ID
5-10 minutes-do-ID, Medicine & Grocery Booklets
3.Centenarian (100 years old Senior Citizens)Assist families of centenarians to comply requirements needed to support their age.
Birth Certificate of Centenarian/Baptismal or marriage contract 3 pcs., Birth Certificate of the eldest child to support documents regarding the age of the recommended centenarian 3pcs,
Picture of recipients full body 3pcs and Photocopy OSCA ID RA 9994 3pcs.
Old documents: Voter’s affidavit, Community Tax Certificate, Barangay Certificate
5-8 minutes-do-ID, Medicine & Grocery Booklets
4.Who can avail the social pensionAt least 60 years old and a member of Senior Citizens of the Barangay in the Municipality of Janiuay, without any government or private pension, eg. GSIS, SSS, PVAO, AFSLAI and survivorship. No permanent support from family-do--do-
5.Requirements on how to avail the social pensionPhotocopy of ID card (front & back), Social Pension Beneficiary Updating Form-do--do-Senior Citizen Social Pension Beneficiary Updating Form