The JANIUAY TOURIST INFORMATION AND PASALUBONG CENTER serves as the municipal center for the development of Culture, History, Arts and Tourism.

As a Tourist Information Center, it keeps basic information of various municipal destinations and services for visitors, adventurers and tourists; it has a compilation of information of various historical facts of the municipal cultural and heritage sites. It also conducts cultural data gathering within the municipality to be made available to the public.

As a Municipal Pasalubong Center, it facilitates the organizing and capacity development programs for the members of the Janiuay Producers’ Association, artists and artisans through skills trainings, food processing, product packaging, handicraft development, marketing and entrepreneurial workshops/ seminars, exhibits and festivals. The center also seeks for the production and promotion of good quality and competitive Janiuaynon products.

The Office of the Municipal Chief Executive for Culture, History, Arts and Tourism is located at the Janiuay Tourist Information and Pasalubong Center.